Distracted driving continues to be an epidemic on the road. Even with ongoing actions for more law enforcement of distracted driving, especially in Canada, the temptation to utilize your cellphone attributes to some devastating statistics:

  • 21% of all fatal car accidents are caused by using a phone or another electronic device
  • 27% of all serious car accidents are the direct consequence of actions like texting and driving or adjusting navigation

According to Arive Alive in 2018, we have seen some consequences of texting and driving. 

  • Talking on the phone while driving decreases the amount of brain activity focused on driving by 37%
  • Texting while driving decreases driver reaction time by 35%
  • Texting while driving decreases driver steering control by 91%
  • Texting while driving increases the risk of a crash by 23x

Of drivers using phones while on the road:

  • Almost half swerved or drifted into another lane
  • 23% tailgated another car
  • 21% cut someone off
  • 18% nearly hit another vehicle while using their phone

Okay, I think we understand the point. How can Truckers on the road stay safe and distraction free while driving? 

NoCell can help keep your drivers safe on the road

NOCELL® is a commercial-grade solution that runs independently, as well as integrates into fleet telematics to effectively limit smartphone use while driving and is compatible with both Android and IOS. The NOCELL system breaks down into three components.