Dynamic reporting can help you gain insight into your trucking dispatch company. Keep track and scale with our Tracx Trucking Management Software!

Tracx TMS strives to deliver the best reporting available for our Trucking Management Software. Some of these reports may feel familiar to you, but with the ongoing demand from the Trucking Market to build more comprehensive reports, Tracx TMS delivers a large variety of different reports that you can access at any point when working on your loads, your equipment, your drivers or the whole business. Tracx TMS strives to ensure that your reporting can provide the best insight into your business so that you can continue to scale and grow! Some of the reporting that we offer include:

KPI Snapshots

Determining the KPIs for your trucking business can help you dial into where key opportunities are. Getting a quick snapshot of how things are going can help you with meetings, and scaling your business by building momentum, and can help with always keeping a pulse on your business.

Advanced Sales and Customer Summary Reports

Every trucking business owner asks for comprehensive reporting on their sales and customers. Now with our summary reports, you can check-in and analyze how you’re doing in sales, and what you’re currently doing for each customer in terms of the number of loads, rate per mile, and profitability. Tracx TMS keeps a running history of all documentation and files attached to loads so that you never have to worry about looking up a document. Never lose track of a customer again, knowing that you can check in on each customer individually with just a few clicks! 

Driver and Fleet Reports

Our driver reports allow you to see how much time the driver has logged, and how much to pay the driver, and can also help keep up with tracking the driver’s licenses, passports, certifications, and more. It can even indicate when certain permits expire so that you can keep track and ensure your driver is compliant. The same goes for all equipment used to safely bring the product of your customers to their final destinations. Ensuring that certifications, repairs, and other things that would normally surprise a business owner throughout their operation will create more confidence and keep your trucks safe and certified on the road. 

Autologged History Reporting

There may be times when you’re working in Tracx’s trucking management software and you make a mistake, or you need to check back on the history of deliveries, comments/messages or to fix an issue. Our auto logging history keeps a tally of activity throughout the whole platform so that you can track all events that occur within the software, and ultimately, your business.

Outstanding Load Reports

Ensuring that all loads are properly handled and dispatched effectively by tracking the status and load updates with our reporting. This will help you understand if loads are being delivered on time if there are any delays and can help you keep track of current statuses that could be important! If anything goes wrong with the loads, you’ll be the first to know when checking in on deliveries for the day. 

Financial Reporting 

We would not have great reporting if we couldn’t display financial reporting for your trucking company! You can download P&Ls and also track customer summaries with payments and overdue payments easily by tracking your AR. Third-party integrations with some of the most popular bookkeeping software like QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, Sage, and more will sync perfectly with our Tracx TMS software so that you have consistent reports. 

There are many reporting features that we haven’t covered in this article. If you require a different type of reporting, we may already have it! The best thing to do is book a time for a demo with our sales representative to learn more about the full capability of our Trucking Management software. We are excited to demonstrate our Enterprise Edition, which could provide you with more custom solutions. If you have any questions or would like to book a demo, click here to book today