Trucking companies need a fleet management system that can provide strong communication with drivers on the road. Check out how Tracx’ driver logs and 2-Way SMS can help!

Do you own a trucking company that has a hard time keeping track of its drivers? Do you ensure that the driver has everything they need and that hours are being tracked properly? Tracx TMS has the answer to many of these questions! Tracx TMS wants to provide the most comprehensive and all-in-one fleet management software so that you can stay focused on your company vs. many different applications or programs. Tracx TMS can give third-party integrations to GPS providers, a Driver’s App to ensure that you can communicate with the driver during the route, and receive emails when loads are delivered to their destinations. We will be walking through how each of those factors works below. 

Third-Party Integrations of GPS Providers Ensure You Know Where Loads are Located.

We know that many trucking companies like to ensure they know where their trucks are at all times; with Tracx TMS, we provide integrations on some of the more popular GPS providers with our fleet management software, including:

  • Geotab
  • ColdFront
  • Road Ready
  • Fleetilla
  • Titan GPS
  • Omnitracs
  • Samsara
  • Keep Truckin’
  • GeoTab
  • Many More! 

When you need to ensure that you know where drivers are on the route, we can provide the insight so that you can feel rest assured that the load will be delivered on time. 

Our Tracx TMS Driver App Creates Seamless Communication with Drivers

Have you ever experienced lapses in communication with your drivers during a route? You won’t have to worry about that again, as the Tracx TMS system has a feature that provides seamless communication between you and your drivers with our 2-way SMS system. You can send text messages straight to the driver via the computer without using your cell phone. It also keeps track of that message log so that you can come back and review communications at any point. Our Driver App also provides a place for the driver to log time and leave notes along the trip. 

Email Notifications of Deliveries

Email notifications from drivers when they arrive at the customer’s location with their load have never been more accessible with Tracx TMS. Customers and dispatch receive notification emails when the loads are at the destination. This provides a more efficient way to ensure that your customers are taken care of. 

Enterprise Feature: Geofencing

Our Enterprise edition of Tracx TMS Trucking Management Software allows you added automation control when delivering documents and updates without even lifting a finger. We can provide load updates, delivery updates, EDI document transfers, and shipment creation, all automatic, without effort from you. The geofencing feature also can provide automated notifications to customers upon delivery. All the features above become much easier with Tracx TMS’ geofencing feature. If this is a feature that you are interested in, book a demo with us and let our sales experts walk you through exactly how the feature works. 

Providing the Best in Communication with Tracx TMS

Tracx TMS wants to ensure that you have all the tools you need to run a successful trucking company easier. Whether it’s the communication with the driver, document delivery, or organizing the efficiency of deliveries and routes, we are here to help. If you’re interested in any of the features above, please book a no-obligation demo with us today, and we will walk you through all of the fantastic features that can keep you insightful with your trucking company. Do you have specific pains that our fleet management software can help with? You can book a demo directly by visiting