Getting the best insight on your drivers & equipment expirations will ensure your company stays compliant & you’ll get a better idea of where to invest expenses when providing truck maintenance.

Ensuring that all vehicles and drivers are road law compliant can sometimes slip through the cracks. Especially, when you have multiple trucks and multiple drivers available for load transportation. Imagine if there was a report that could help you keep track of all certifications and permits before they expire so that you can avoid any tickets or fines from surprise expirations. Tracx’s comprehensive reporting keeps track of those certifications and can provide notification when certain expiration dates are coming. 

Tracx can help you track your Driver’s Certifications and Insurance

Never worry about whether or not a driver’s CDL, passport, medical cards, or permits are current again with our Driver Expiration Reporting. With our reporting, which you will see below, you can see exactly when expiry is going to happen with each driver on your team. Our Tracx System will notify you when expirations happen so that you can update your driver and their trucks with the newest updates. Our reporting system also tracks Equipment insurances, and inspections, and can help notify when certain service tasks for the truck are due. If your driver goes between the border of Canada and the United States, nothing would be worse than being declined at either border. A great feature of these reports is that you can create as many custom notifications for the drivers and trucks as you’d like to ensure that your trucking business is thriving. 

Tracx’s 300 HR Inspection Reports Keep your Trucks Safe

Keeping up the maintenance on your trucks can make the difference between showing up on time vs. accidents, delays, or other concerns. Tracx TMS provides a 300 HR inspection report that can be used for all trucks to keep track of the most common parts inside of the truck. Things from backup alarms, clutches, hoses and belts, emergency items like flares, reflectors, and kits, and suspension and auxiliary equipment can be tracked by our inspection report so that drivers can ensure that their trucks are ready before heading towards the load destinations. Having your drivers submit those reports can save you time, and money, and decrease the chances of an accident. Once your drivers complete the inspection report, they are automatically saved in the truck’s profile for easy viewing from the dispatcher or administration. 

Tracx’s Equipment Utilization Report Track Your Trucks Profits & Loss

If you have a fleet of 2 or more trucks and/or drivers, it’s important to maximize the efficiency of each truck to prevent certain trucks from being used more than others. Providing insight on how the loads are distributed between the trucks can help maximize routes and truck usage. The report indicates the percentage of use of each truck but can also provide a profit & loss on each truck as well. This is one of our most important features when it comes to truck utilization. You can track the expenses, purchase items, and costs associated with each truck, which can help you make informed decisions on updates to more profitable trucks, or, in many cases, can help you determine which trucks should get more attention with maintenance and services so that your trucking company continues to profit. It can also help you determine whether or not it’s time to replace a truck with a new one. 

If you have any questions about our reporting and how it can help you track your drivers, trucks, and profits, we encourage you to book a demo by visiting or by contacting us at 1-844-838-7229.