Tracx TMS has its own servers, which saves you on each EDI transaction. Saving thousands per month on these transactions can really change how your trucking business runs.

Tracx TMS knows that documents being sent to your customers are essential in any trucking business, but the costs for those transactions can accumulate over time and cost your trucking business more money in the long run. We want to ensure you that all Tracx TMS customers get an added benefit from Tracx TMS’ value-added service! 

What is EDI and What are the Benefits? 

For most trucking companies, EDI is well understood, however, if you’re a trucking company that still handles their shipments and logistics with paper, you may not be familiar with the term. EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is a data exchange protocol that eliminates the need for the traditional paper documents that would need to be sent to the receiver and manually entered into their system. In short, document transfer exchange. We encourage anyone who is still working with paper logistics to come to chat with us about how much time and money you could save when switching over to Tracx TMS. 

EDI is fantastic for transferring documents to the receivers system. With EDI, the sender’s operating software, Tracx TMS, for example, would send the data to the receiver’s software and import it so that it transfers properly over to the system. The use of EDI allows more transparency, and near real-time communication between your trucking business and your customer. This eliminates a ton of waiting time. EDI can transfer documents like load tender, status updates, invoices, and bills of lading. 

What are the costs of EDI?

Typically, the average cost of an EDI transaction is around $3.00. Now, you may think, “well, that doesn’t sound too bad?” however, the number of transactions you need for each customer, each load, and invoicing, can add up very quickly! For many trucking dispatch software, you would have to pay a hefty subscription fee to a third-party provider, PLUS, you would have to pay for the transactions. For many trading partners, you could see between 2000 – 5000 transactions per year. When you consider the costs, that could be around $15,000 in transaction costs that don’t even cover the subscription fee as well. 

Tracx TMS can SAVE you Money with our Built-in EDI Service!

Tracx TMS differs from its competitors because we don’t use value-added networks for EDI transfers. We have our servers which means that we can provide the EDI service WITHOUT any transaction fees! Imagine saving over $15,000 per customer each year with our EDI services? This service, along with our other amazing features that make Tracx TMS an all-in-one solution for trucking businesses, is a great reason why you should book a demo with us today! 

If you are interested in learning more about our EDI services or how we can help you increase your efficiency by 200% in the first 90 days of service, book a demo by clicking here. Let us know what pains you’re experiencing in your business and we can help you solve those concerns while showing you our comprehensive demo! Don’t wait for your next transaction bill, speak with us today!