Tracx TMS wants to show you how much you can save by switching over to our Trucking Management Software system. It could change your whole business with clear insights and direction.

Tracx TMS believes that switching your Trucking Management Software should be beneficial to your business and your wallet! We encourage anyone looking to switch over to a new Trucking Management System to take some time to evaluate what the potential cost benefits could be when switching to us! Of course, there are many added benefits to why you would WANT to switch to Tracx TMS. Some of the following features can help you provide insight into your business to make better decisions to scale your company. 

  • Trucking Dispatch with Ease with our LTL and FTL Load Creation
  • Seamless communication with customers with our EDI compliance
  • Understanding exactly where your drivers are with our third-party integration of GPS software like Samsara, Keep Truckin’ and GeoTab
  • Accounting Integrations that seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software like Quickbooks Online, Sage, and Xero
  • Advanced Reporting that helps you understand your fleet, your loads, and your payments to ensure that everything is flowing smoothly

Phew! Now that we have talked about some of the amazing features of Tracx TMS, we also want to talk about some of the cost savings. Can Tracx TMS eliminate roles and efforts that could be costing you thousands of dollars a month? The short answer is yes! 

Consider the costs of hiring for a moment. How many employees would you normally require to run a trucking company without a seamless program like TRACX TMS? Consider the costs of admins at $20/hr or dispatchers at $25/hr. How many admins, bookkeepers, or dispatchers would you need to keep your business running? Let’s say you have three admins and three dispatchers. Let’s say that they are full-time? That could run up to up to $259,200 per year for that many employees. Considering 2 managers into that equation at around $45/hr for a whole year would cost $172,800. Combined, you’re looking at $432,000 per year in labor. 

On average, our customers save around 200% in time moving from paper-based tracking to Tracx TMS. Based on our ROI Calculator, you could save up to $286,008.00 each year in labor and time. That number INCLUDES the cost of the Tracx TMS software. Automating your system could save you a ton of time, money, and reduce costs of employees and other costs including paper. Now we’ve talked about saving on labor costs, but we also want to let you know, you can still have those employees if you need them, but with Tracx’s system and switching away from paper, the growth that you will see in your company will almost feel “automated” and so simple that we’ve seen companies quadruple their growth just by switching to Tracx TMS! 

Using the ROI calculator is very easy! When you check out our ROI calculator, you can add the hourly rates of your employees, the number of those employee roles, and you can calculate the overall savings of your company when they switch to Tracx TMS. If you feel like 200% is too high for you, or you have switched away from paper already, then feel free to scale down the % to play with the numbers. 

Now, that is just one situation of many that we have experienced with Trucking Companies reaching out to us and getting into our system. We don’t necessarily know what your situation is with your trucking company, so we invite you to try our ROI calculator by visiting Once you try it, we invite you to schedule a demo with us, where Rebekah, our sales manager will work through how the software works and where you can start to save on time and money. Scheduling a demo is 100% free and easy to book online by visiting