Learn 5 features that your trucking management software should be able to do to provide the best experience for your trucking company. Tracx TMS will walk you through these features.

Have you used trucking management software and instantly regretted how difficult it was to navigate, use or upkeep? Many of our clients come to us with frustrations with automation, navigation, how to use the system, or get upset when something goes wrong and you can’t get support. We highly recommend considering these 5 things before you go and commit to a plan for your trucking software. 

Ensure your new software is served on the cloud.

During these pandemic times, you will want to ensure that you have the flexibility to work with your software whether you’re at home or in the office. More systems are switching from the traditional program stuck in your office to be able to get access from anywhere. That’s where the cloud features come in. The great thing about cloud software is that there is no limit to how big your system can grow! Whether you’re a small business or a larger trucking company, you will be able to scale your business to the next level, and your software should grow with you.

Determine if there are any hidden costs.

We will be honest here. Most companies that serve trucking dispatch software will allow you to book a demo and review the features of their software. But what they may not tell you is the additional costs in third-party integrations that could end up costing you more in the long run. We highly recommend you understand the full costs by asking your demo provider about integrations and software inside the system that can eliminate such purchases. An example of this comes from yours truly! At Tracx TMS, we offer EDI compliance data exchange, which allows you to submit the correct forms back and forth to your customer. This is typically a cost that comes outside of most trucking systems, but we have built our own integration to save you money! 

Ensure that your current accounting systems, GPS systems, or other third-party software CAN integrate!

We have seen many times where a client has come to us and has told us about a time that they thought a system could integrate their accounting system, or that they can integrate a different third party system, and end up getting frustrated at the lack of flow between the systems. Many of the systems can integrate big company names like QuickBooks, Sage, and more, but make sure you can see a demonstration of this integration or ask questions about your current software to ensure that you will get the automation you need inside the system. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. 

Always make sure that you can get reporting at a high level.

Reporting for your business is a non-negotiable that your trucking management software should have. When you get user-friendly reporting, it can make it much easier for you to see the overview of how your business is growing, or not. Reporting should be easy to read, and intuitive enough for you to understand what is happening. We highly recommend you ask about what reporting looks like before you move onto the purchasing stage. Also asking about the various types of reports within the trucking management system will ensure that you have all the analytics needed to make informed decisions.

Customer Support should be top-notch!

Nothing is more painful than being unable to contact support OR that you are waiting on a support call for minutes to hours without hearing any feedback from the company. The best thing to ask during a demo, or when reaching out to the trucking dispatch software company is to ask about support times, and the time it takes for support tickets to averagely get worked on. A Company that can guarantee support responses within 1-3 business days is a company that has an organized system for helping with product issues. It would also be very helpful to ask them about the types of training that they provide on using the system. Providing training by the company can help with your understanding of the system as well as any users of the system in your business.

Tracx Trucking Management Software does everything above!

We aren’t here to brag about our system, but if you’re reading this article, then you may be looking for new software to manage your trucking company. If that’s the case, contact Tracx TMS today by either contact form or phone number. We will walk you through how we answer all of the questions above, and more!