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Getting started with TracxTMS

In getting started with TracxTMS, we are providing a series of videos that can help you navigate the software for the best results for your trucking dispatch company. The first of our video playlists, we cover essential features for when you get started with your system. We’ll normally run through these options when we onboard you as a customer, during our Discovery and Implementation phases.


Videos in this playlist

These features drive how TracxTMS looks, once we’ve analyzed your operating processes and procedures, we’ll help you configure the system to be streamlined for your business and logistics models. These videos explain how these options get changed or new ones added in the subject below, you can click on individual videos to go straight to them, or the link above for the whole playlist. Getting started with TracxTMS has never been easier.

  1. Dashboard (00:39)
  2. Company Information (01:31)
  3. Company Preferences (02:07)
  4. Users (02:38)
  5. Equipment Types (00:57)
  6. Rate Types (00:55)
  7. Custom Dispatch Tabs (02:39)
  8. Load Statuses (01:14)

More videos

We’re trying to build a full library of videos for all the features in TracxTMS, if you find one, please let us know using our Feedback Form

Need even more?

With built in support for custom types and custom statuses, if you can dream it, with our Custom Development and Integration Services, we can make it a reality.

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