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Entering Essential Data in TracxTMS

Some of the database sin TracxTMS are the information you already have about your organization; your Customers and their Locations, your Drivers and sub-contracted Carrier companies, your Equipment. TracxTMS also allows you to manage all the ancillary data related those things, things like Fuel Surcharge Rates, Driver and Equipment Expirations, Load Categories and yes, Taxes. Check out our video below on “Entering Essential Data in TracxTMS.”


Videos in this Playlist

What we call the ‘Feeder’ tables, these areas of TracxTMS are the foundation of what makes it so easy to use. They hold all the defaults, and all the source information that will make creating Quotes & Loads a breeze. Entering essential data in TracxTMS will help your trucking dispatch company.

  1. Customers (02:02)
  2. Locations (01:45)
  3. Drivers and Carriers (02:32)
  4. Equipment Management (02:26)
  5. Custom Data Types (01:08)
  6. Deduction Types (00:36)
  7. Fuel Surcharge Rates (00:39)
  8. Reference Numbers (00:51)
  9. Driver Expiration Dates (01:07)
  10. Equipment Expiration Dates (01:10)
  11. File Checklist (00:42)
  12. Load Categories (00:42)
  13. Load Statuses (01:14)
  14. Taxes (00:39)

More videos

We’re trying to build a full library of videos for all the features in TracxTMS, if you find one, please let us know using our Feedback Form

Need even more?

With built in support for custom types and custom statuses, if you can dream it, with our Custom Development and Integration Services, we can make it a reality.

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