TracxTMS Overview

Below you will find an overview document on how to use TracxTMS, covering all the major areas (Drivers, Load, Invoicing, Payments and Settlements) of the system

Your Entire Workflow

We’ve tried to broadly cover all the areas of the system that will manage your workflow, either as a dispatcher, accounts or admin member of your team.

Drivers Too!

Your Drivers and Carriers can also log into TracxTMS, their User accounts will be recognized at Login and they will be presented with a Driver specific App that streamlines their needs and processes, leaving out all the functions and features they won’t use. See the Attachment below.

Obsessively Organized

It doesn’t matter how many Drivers, sub-contracted carriers, office Users, and Trucks you have; TracxTMS will allow you to manage, dispatch and bill all your loads, be they submitted automagically by EDI or otherwise self-services by your customer through the Client Portal, be they LTL, or partially deadhead trips. IT doesn’t matter how you charge your customers or pay your drivers, TracxTMS will do all the heavy lifting for you, exporting all your accounting data to whichever software you use.

Let TracxTMS run your trucking company for you!

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