USPS Contract Servicing

Sodrel Trucking came to us with their contracts from the US Postal Service, asking if we could build features in TracxTMS to support the specific business and logistics processes involved in fulfilling these contracts. We’ve now presented our solution to the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association and built up a buzz around these modules.

Your Entire Workflow

Sodrel needed a way to reconcile the various routes they run for USPS with the drivers and contractors who perform the trips. The drivers have apps and Bid to perform the Trips, and the system automatically records driver in/out times and highlights any slips from the schedule

We love Development

The complexity of the system seemed bewildering at first, but once our developers worked through all the angles, we were able to produce a solution that got Sodrel so excited, they invited us to the yearly gathering of National Star Route Mail Contractors Association to demonstrate it to their peer organizations. We were excited to come out and show how we can help with USPS Contract Servicing.

Able to take on any Development, Expansion or Integration project

Our developers have lots of experience integrating TracxTMS with all kinds of APIs and EDIs, our system has grown over the last 7 years because our customers keep coming up with great ideas how to expand our software! Customs Brokers, Fuel Cards, Warehousing and USPS contracts are all a thing in TracxTMS because someone asked us if we could do it.

Yes we can!

We have a page for feature requests here.

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