TracxTMS Premier

TracxTMS Premier is a version of our software specifically built to fill most companies’ needs, offering an easy way to manage your loads, create invoices and settlements, and generate reports.

Screens are clean, uncluttered, and information you don’t need can be hidden so it doesn’t distract from what is important to you. We make it easy for:

  • Dispatchers: Remain in control over the loads they are responsible for and see their status at a glance
  • Accountants: Always be up to date on invoicing and settlements, and seamlessly send information to QuickBooks Online so there is no double entry.
  • Managers/Owners: Increase business intelligence using our powerful dashboards and reports

TracxTMS Premier is an all-in-one transportation management software package, developed for Carriers as well as Brokerages, and everything in between. It will simplify your entire process, from quoting to receiving your money to real-time analysis of your business performance.

We are constantly updating the software and adding new features based on customer feedback and availability of new technology, which means you’ll always be at the bleeding edge of what is possible.

Are you ready to supercharge your business’ growth?

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