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TitanGPS Integration

TracxTMS is pleased to announce that we have partnered with TitanGPS to provide even tighter integrations between our two innovative systems! This allows us to reach new heights in what we can offer to our valued customers. TitanGPS designs, develops, manufactures, and supports end-to-end GPS location and fleet management telematics technology. The company helps customers of all sizes in government, service, transportation, transit, dealerships, and OEM markets across North America to improve the efficiency, productivity, safety, compliance and serviceability of fleet assets. Established in 2004, the TitanGPS brand is trusted by thousands of fleet operators across Canada and the United States. Like us, they work with the full range of company sizes, from the smallest start-ups to the biggest names in North America. Their range of GPS telematics products work seamlessly with Tracx Systems’ TMS software to provide the best level of transparency to customers and dispatchers alike. Our partnership empowers customers to efficiently deploy and successfully maintain any size fleet while keeping costs and management time down.

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