TracxTMS Enterprise

TracxTMS Enterprise is developed specifically for large businesses in the transport industry who demand the best and would like to make custom modifications to the software to make it perfectly fit their use case.

If you’ve been looking for a software solution and are struggling to find something which fits your specifications, here is your answer!

A lesson we learned after many years of experience is that most large organizations want their software to be as flexible as possible to work hand-in-hand with their business process, without deviations or workarounds. When we make a quote for TracxTMS Enterprise, we start with one of our base versions that fits your needs the best, and work with you to come up with a list of changes that improve the functionality for your exact use case. When you sign the contract, our development team will tweak the software to match the specification documents.

In this way, we are able to offer unprecedented flexibility and the absolute best in performance and efficiency. Our software architects are experts in our software and deeply understand the trucking industry and its business flows. We have many years of experience as well as a high number of previous customized projects to lean on, which enables us to deliver the absolute highest standard of professional software.

Explore our base versions:

Cross Docking

In addition to a customized process, we give you dedicated server infrastructure to maximize efficiency, stability, and privacy. Our server stack is incredibly optimized and constantly monitored for any errors or inefficiencies. If anything is wrong it will usually be fixed before you even notice it.

If you need any custom integrations, the dedicated environment that your software lives in also allows us to easily extend and reshape it, or develop incredible data I/O channels to automate a lot of your tasks based on the other services you use. Some integrations we can do (and have done) include:

  • EDI integration
  • Escrow
  • Amazon/etc. load imports
  • Accounting software integrations, including less popular ones
  • Fuel cards, cash cards, etc. auto-deductions
  • Geofencing
  • Factoring

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The livestock transportation industry tends to have a very different way of tracking shipments and requires different types of information that they need to collect. Once we completed a few custom projects for cattle hauling companies, we picked out some of the common themes and made them into a base version that we could use for demos and to fast-track development for later TracxTMS Enterprise customers needing this functionality.

We created a lot of tools to keep track of all of the details including counts, weights, sex, manifest numbers, and more.

A comprehensive calendar can be used to prepare the dispatch for the next day, assign all the drivers and send everyone their instructions with the relevant load details.

Our app is designed to organize all of the load details and allow documents to be uploaded to the system.

An extensive reporting system, customized for cattle metrics, will give management users deeper insights into key business information.

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Cross Docking

We developed an enterprise version specifically for cross-docking in order to be better able to organize that process. It can be a challenge to keep track of all the small packages from many different customers and organize the process of combining them into truck loads, so in consultation with some customers that use this process heavily we designed a robust way to keep the different legs organized and ensure nothing gets forgotten, while keeping the system easy to use and flexible.

We designed the system so it can handle multiple docks/warehouses without any problems.

Powerful tools allow for bulk-editing smaller loads to insert warehouse transfers, and schedule separate drivers for different parts.

An extensive reporting system, customized for cross-docking metrics, will give management users deeper insights into key business information.

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The world of doing business is digitally advancing by the day. Many companies are using Electronic Data Intercharge (EDI). This technology offers high levels of automation through EDI integration solutions.

In simple words, EDI is an exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format via the internet, between different trading partners. This system enables cost saving, fewer errors and faster processing in your organization.

We have automated this process and have servers available to handle 1000s of requests each second.

We focus on direct integration with your trading partner(s), however we can also integrate indirectly with your trading partner(s) through Value Added Networks (VANs). We can also do a hybrid solution based on a mixture of the two.

No matter what, you will have unlimited ability to exchange messages between TracxTMS Enterprise and your trading partner(s).

Whatever your requirements are, we deliver. We offer integrations, speedy exchange of messages, and very competitive cost structures. Say goodbye to per-document charges and steep monthly rates.

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